Structure of the project and case studies

The project work was done in several multi-disciplinary work-packages, including a philosophical / sociological / political science dimension, a social psychology dimension, a legal dimension and a science-society / participatory dimension.


Two specific case-studies were included: one on biometrics and one on pathogen research with dual use problematic. It emerged in the project that governance approaches might preferably refer to values rather than to ‘ethics’. Values make actions possible; they outline a space of possible action. Including the dimension of values allows to better addressing citizens, which have to – and want to – understand, support, endure and participate consciously and deliberately in the governance of S&T. In addition to several scientific and scholarly findings, the project has thus concluded with a number of findings and recommendations with potential policy implications.



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Value Isobars is an EU funded project under the seventh framework program.

The project has been coordinated by the Centre of the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Bergen and lead by Prof. Matthias Kaiser.

Funding period:
June 2009- November 2011

Project number: 230557

EU-funding: 819971.00 Euro