The following list includes articles already published at the closing date of the projects, more publications are forthcoming and the list will be updated.





Main author







“Governance addressing societal values”*

Almaas, Vibeke & Kaiser, Matthias

Global food security: ethical and legal challenges (C.M.Romeo Casabona, L.E.San Epifanio, A.E.Cirion)


Wageningen Academic Publishers


ISBN: 978-90-8686.154-5




“The 2010 Eurobarometer on the life sciences”*

George Gaskell, Agnes Allansdottir, Nick Allum, Paula Castro, Yilmaz Esmer, Claude Fischler, Jonathan Jackson, Nicole Kronberger, Jurgen Hampel, Niels Mejlgaard, Alex Quintanilha, Andu Rammer, Gemma Revuelta, Sally Stares, Helge Torgersen & Wolfgang Wager

Nature Biotechnology 29, 113–114 (2011) doi:10.1038/nbt.1771

Published online 07/02/2011

*Europeans and biotechnology in 2010

Winds of change?

George Gaskell, Sally Stares, Agnes Allansdottir

 Available at: http://bookshop.europa.eu/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/EU-Bookshop-Site/en_GB/-/EUR/ViewPublication-Start?PublicationKey=KINA24537

 ISBN: 978-92-79-16878-9

DOI: 10.2777/23393



“The value(s) of sustainability within a pragmatically justified theory of values: considerations in the context of climate change”

Roman Beck, Simon Meisch, Thomas Potthast

Climate change and sustainable development , Wageningen Academic Publishers, p.  49-54





“Towards a value-reflexive governance of water”

Simon Meisch, Roman Beck, Thomas Potthast

Climate change and sustainable development, 413-418


“Security, privacy and freedom and the EU legal and policy framework for biometrics”

Maria Eduarda Goncalves, Maria Ines Gameiro

Computer Law & Security Review, 28



“The role of plurality and context in social values


Tsirogianni, S., & Gaskell, G.

Journal for the theory of social behavior 41(4)



 *  Open access publication


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 Europeans and biotechnology in 2010: Winds of change  
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 The 2010 Eurobarometre on the life sciences  
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