End results of the project

Value Isobars

- The Landscape and Isobars of European Values in Relation to Science and New Technology




Value Isobars final report: The Value Isobars project has worked out a blue print for a more value based and value informed governance approach to science and technology (S&T). The final report documents the work of the eight work packages, set out the main lines of the prosed blueprint and specify several policy proposals and recommendations of further research. 

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The Value Atlas prototype: A central element in the proposed blueprint for a more value based governance of S&T is the proposal that central EU policy makers should routinely be informed about the European value landscape in relation to S&T. The project has developed a prototype illustrating how complex research on value can be communicated in a way specifically suited for these purposes. See the Value Atlas prototype here 



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                        Project funded by the Science in Society Programme     
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Value Isobars is an EU funded project under the seventh framework program.

The project has been coordinated by the Centre of the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Bergen and lead by Prof. Matthias Kaiser.

Funding period:
June 2009- November 2011

Project number: 230557

EU-funding: 819971.00 Euro